Why should we buy from DirectUPS, what are the advantages?


Simple and Smart Power Solution for Entry Level Market.
The advantage:
a. High Frequency Technology,
b. Space-minimized Design,
c. Simple installation and operation, and
d. Cost-Efficiency.

Design to Protect your Multi-devices.
The advantage:
a. High Frequency Technology with Space-minimized Design,
b. Simple installation and operation,
c. Short circuit and overload protection,
e. Replaceable Battery Design,
f. Surge protected outlets available for convenience, and
g. Easy understanding LED display.

This UPS series is specially designed for Personal Computer with multi-functions. Its light weight and compact design perfect fits to the limited working environment. It prevents impulse, surge, sag and power outage situations. It provides the UPS output load with a reliable source.
The advantage:
a. Microprocessor control guarantees high reliability,
b. Equipped with Boost and Buck AVR to stabilize output voltage,
c. Built-in DC start function enables UPS to be started up without AC power supplied,
d. Smart RS-232 Communication Port with Free Download Software from the Internet,
e. Auto restart while AC recovery,
f. Provides Modem/Phone-Line surge protection,
g. Provides Discharge, Overcharge, and Overload Protection,
h. Auto charge even though UPS is off,
i. User-Replaceable Battery Design (Above 1Kva), and
j. Green Power function to save battery energy (below 800VA).

The Smartest Line-Interactive UPS with Pure Sine Wave Output in High Frequency Technology. This series designs from two-in-one form factor; it can be placed either in Rack 2U or Tower. The front panel of the UPS includes LED indicators and four push buttons (Power Switch, UPS Test/Silence, Configure, and Enter) that allow to monitor easily, configuration and control, AC line-in, notification of site wiring fault and output load status of the UPS.
The advantage:
a. Microprocessor controlling,
b. High Frequency Design with High Power Density,
c. Boost and Buck voltage regulation,
d. Pure Sine Wave Output,
e. Selectable output voltage,
f. Selectable AC sensitivity,
g. Provide Overload, Short-Circuit, Overheat and Fan fail Protection,
h. Available to connect external battery cabinet to extend the backup time above 1.5Kva,
i. Hot-Swappable / User replaceable battery design,
j. Available for various installation environment with individual UPS & EBM case,
k. Output THD<5% with PFC load under Battery Mode,
l. Intelligent Slot for SNMP monitoring,
m. Available for 19” rack installation,
n. Green Power function to save battery energy,
o. Smart RS232 and Dry-Contact two in one/ USB communication port,
p. EPO(Emergency Power Off) switch for operation safety, and
q. 3 Amp constant current charging ability.

Why do DirectUPS JPX models sell so well?

As soon as power goes down, generator power kicks in and inrush current comes out; so regular UPS will not be able to take care of it (even the ones that come with AVR) and they will break, but our JPX model will do the job — it stands still and holds.
JPX models can take care of generator mode–output is pure Sinewave with 8 outlets; this is not like a retail UPS, but the price is the best in USA-around 50% off the retail price.

JPX2000va and JPX2000vaRM: You can save above $350 to $400 each item.

JPX1000va and JPX1000vaRM: You can save about $220 to $250 each item.

What are the benefits of selling JPX UPS model?
a. Your company has a complete product line; this model line is used in motor power environments and markets in different sectors.
b. Your company will gain the most profits (about at least several hundred dollar for each one sold).
c. Your sales team will take care of your customers’ problem right away, giving them piece of mind.

If you have any questions, please call our tech support at 909-225-8018.

Why do I need Direct UPS?

*Adjusts incoming voltage, provides ultimate performance.
*Provides back up power source in the event of a black out.
*Extends the lifetime of your electronic equipment.
*CCTV with out DVR is not secure. DVR with out Direct UPS is not complete.
Ex: DVR= records the better image with less static, and clearer picture.
Ex: Telecommunication= Less static and less line obstructions.

How do I determine what size Direct UPS to purchase?

*Figure out total loading of product Amps (A) Watts (W).
*Multiply voltage by amps (V x A).
*VA x 135%= the size of the UPS you would need.
* Estimated Average Growing Space 135%


A. Ex: 1 PC= 2A??? 1 Monitor=1.5A, Total= 3.5A
3.5A x 120V= 420VA x 135%= 546VA.
B. Ex: 1 DVR = 300 Watts, 5 CCTV = 350 Watts, Total = 650 Watts
W = P.F. x VA,?? Direct UPS JP X series P.F = 0.7 & VP series = 0.6
650 W = 0.7 x VA, VA =650w/0.7, Total Loading = 929VA
Right size UPS:? 929 VA x 135% = 1254VA.
The recommended size UPS for example a. is 600VA.
The recommended size UPS for example b. is 1400VA.+

Should I put a UPS in each work station or DVR?

Yes, it is a good idea because it is where the most recent work is being done and this data is most vulnerable to loss or corruption in the event of a power outage.

Is there any equipment I should not connect to my UPS?

Yes, you shouldn’t connect to laser printer, refrigerator, vacuum, or any electronic equipment which draws a tremendous amount of power it will likely overload your UPS and cause the fuse to blow. Most of the office equipment computers, monitors, fax machines, networking equipment, should work fine with most UPS’.

*Also note that they can plug the surge protector into the wall outlet and then the UPS may connect to the surge protector, but do not Plug the surge protector to the UPS.

How can I tell a good quality UPS from poor quality UPS?

Testing! Direct UPS Provides an excellent product for an unbeatable price. Lexus quality less than KIA price.

What formulas do I need in order to understand basic UPS?

V = I *R
Power = V*A (UPS is sized by VA)
Watt = PF * (VA)

What is inside a UPS?

Circuit board with cpu chip
Charger and Transformer

What is your company’s hot product?


Uninterruptible Power Supply


Hot Products:

A. Offline UPS — with Filter

XP Series:
400VA/600VA (6 Outlets, 3 Battery Backups, 3 Surge Protectors)
            Application: Small PC, Small Entertainment Center

B. Line Interactive UPS with Brown out Protection = Offline UPS + AVR (Auto Voltage Regulator)

According to Output:

Stepwave – VP Series

1. Vesta Pro:
VP600VA/800VA (4+ Outlets)
Application: Office Workstation & Small DVR

2. VP 1000VA/1400VA/2000VA (4+ Outlets)
Application: Small DVR & CCTV, Small Server,
Small Communication/Telecom, POS Device, etc.

C. Line Interactive with Pure Sinewave Output:
     It always sustains in-rush current.

1. JP Series: Regular Backup Time – 19” Rack Mount Available
          JP 1000VA/ 2000VA/ 3000VA

2. JPX Series: 19” Rack Mount Available
          JPX, 1000VA (Regular Backup Time)
          2000VA/3000VA (Longer Backup Time Capability)
Application: Voice & Data Network, Server, Professional Security
          System, POS System & Communication/Telecom
          with Software, etc.

Other Products:


a. Offline UPS — with Filter

1. DP Series: The Most Economical UPS
        400VA (2-3 Outlets) and 1000VA (3 Outlets)
Application: PC Only

b. On Line UPS: Double Convergent UPS — AC to DC to AC

1. Single Phase: Battery Power, No Transferring Time,
                            Rack Mount Available
Mars Pro Series:
MS 1000VA/2000VA/3000VA
Spec. Lead Time: 6 to 10 Weeks

c. Inverter: Auto Recharge Inverter

Direct UPS 1000VA
*Automatic Line-to-Battery Switchover
* Selectable Input Voltage Ranges
* High Efficiency DC-to-AC Conversion, Minimizing Energy Loss
* Rack Tower Design for Flexible Placement
* Built in Enhanced Charger
* Provides Overload Protection
* Auto Restart while AC Recovery
* Multi-function LED Indications and Buzzer Alarms
Application: Trailer, Warehouse, etc.