DirectUPS understands the importance of choosing an OEM partner that is easy to work with and has the experience and knowledge of OEM products. Direct UPS can bring value to your brand and supply the better quality and price you and your customers are used to receiving.

DirectUPS OEM Experience:

  • 30 Years of Global OEM Experience
  • OEM Partnerships with over 200 Companies
  • Maintained a Return Rate of Less Than 1%
  • Provided Over 1000 Different OEM Products

As for the OEM MOQ, please find the information below:

  1. At least 2*40feet (40 pallet) containers in one year or 4* 20 feet (20 pallet) containers in one year.   At first, we can ship the orders to you, and if the business gets big, we can ship directly to OEM customers.
  2. The MOQ order quantity of each model is as shown below.
    (Combined order for container is okay.)
  3. The UL charge for each front panel is $1,600.
    If there are 2 new front panels for one OEM business, there are $3,200 asked.
  4. The new front panel tooling fee is varied by each model, and design.
  5. Need to confirm with the design.
Model MOQ
XP400     180 pieces (2 pallets) 1000pcs
XP600     180 pieces (2 pallets)
DP400    (120 pieces, per pallet) 1000pcs
DP600    (120 pieces, per pallet)
DP1000   (45 pieces, per pallet) 200pcs
VP600      (80 pieces, per pallet) 1000pcs
VP800      (80 pieces, per pallet)
VP1000    (30 pieces, per pallet) 200pcs
VP1400    (30 pieces, per pallet)
VP2000    (30 pieces, per pallet)