DP Series

Standby (Off Line) type UPS with extra surge protection outlets: total 2 to 3 outlets: Power Factor is 0.5.
Common application:? special design for Home PC and office PC —-one PC and one Monitor only. It is suitable for the stable power environment.
VA range: 400VA, 600VA, & 1000va

Usern Manual: Download

Designed for PC only UPS at a Surge protector price

Overload protection
Light and Compact

Model DP400 DP600 DP1000
Part Number 4A-DP400 4A-DP600 4A-DP1000
Color Black Black Black
Type Off Line
Wave modified Sinewave
Capacity 400va 600va 1000va
Outlet backup/surge 2/0 2/0 3/0
AVR No No No
Tel/Modem/Net Yes Yes Yes
Overload Protection Yes Yes Yes
RS-232 Comm. Port No No No
With RS-232 cable No No No
Software free download
Battery Alarm Yes Yes Yes
Per Box 3 3 1
Application Small PC & Entertainment Center