Jupiter Pro Series

Line Interactive UPS with AVR Boost and Buck function. The output is pure sinewave, also available in 19″
industrial rack mount chassis. Power Factor is around 0.7.
VA range: 1KVA, 2KVA & 3KVA.
Common Application: CCTV, DVRs, office workstations, small servers, small phone systems, POS devices, etc.
JPX series also can fit into rough environments with frequent surges, dips, etc.

Jupiter Pro X series – X stands for Long Back-UP time.
Advantages of JPX Series:

A. Provides long back up time for up to 24 hours — Play & Plug for EBM (External Battery Module).
B. Capable of SNMP card option: Allows remote /monitoring power manager.
C. Two-in-one design for Tower & Rack Mount.
D. Capable of handling some inrush currents, such as spikes or surges, etc.
Common Application: Multiple CCTV, high-end DVRs, any professional security applications, any telecoms with software, high-end digital equipment, office workstations, small servers, small phone systems, high end POS devices,  etc.

CCTV+DVR+JPX=Complete Package
Designed for CCTV, DVR, PC, Server, and Tel-Comm Industries

User Manual: Download

Long back-up time UPS
UP to 24 HRs
Suitable for CCTV & DVR
Output Pure Sinewave
Rack/Tower 2-in-1 Design
Three major advantages of using JP X 2000VA:

A. Cost saving, long term: For example, after 3 years of using UPS, you might need to change to another one but for the JPX series, you do not need to because our UPS separates with EBM. So you only need to buy EBM; most of the reasons UPSes become broken is because they ran out of battery.

B. Flexible: If you decide to back up for a longer time, you do not need to buy another UPS. Simply, you just buy an EBM and connect it; the more EBM connected, the longer it will last.

C. If you want to change from Tower to Rack Mount style then you do not need to buy a UPS again, you just need to buy the Rack Mount kits from us. Then it will work.

This is why we suggest that JPXs do have such good advantages over others. Thank you very much.

No system is trully secure without a UPS Jupiter Pro X Jupiter Pro X Rack Mount
Model JPX 2000 JPX 3000 JPX 1500RM JPX 2000RM JPX3000RM
Part Number 4A-JPX2000 4A-JPX3000 4A-JPX1500RM 4A-JPX2000RM 4A-JPX3000RM
Color Black Black Black Black Black
Type Line Interactive Line Interactive
Wave Sinewave Sinewave
Capacity 2000va 3000va 1500va 2000va 3000va
Outlet backup/surge 6/0 6/0 6/0 6/0 6/0
AVR Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Tel/Modem/Net Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Overload Protection Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
RS-232 Comm. Port Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
With RS-232 cable Included Included
Software Included Included
Battery Alarm Yes Yes Yes Yes
Per Box 1 pc 1 pc 1 pc 1 pc
Application Voice and Data Networks, Professional Security Applications and Communications/Telecoms with Software